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Working of Democracy in USA

Working of Democracy in USA

Working of Democracy in USA

The United States of America (USA) is the world’s one of the largest democracies and its people have the right to elect, control, and influence their government. Here, through the constitutional system and various institutions, it is ensured that the interests of the people are protected and the government works to fulfill their needs.

Functions of Democracy in USA

The most important concept of democracy in USA is “republicanism“, which means “rule of the people“. The citizens here have the right to elect their government through elections and to influence the policies and actions of the government. The USA is administered by the President, the Parliament and the Judiciary, which ensures that the government puts the interests of the people above all else.

The electoral process in USA is regular and involves complete fairness and justice. First, the government fixes the dates of elections according to the rules and regulations set by the Election Commission. It ensures that the elections are conducted fairly and all the parties get equal opportunity in it.

In USA the vote of the people plays an important role in electing their representative. People’s vote helps to elect elected members to government positions through elections at the national level, state level and local level. It ensures that the government elected by exercising the franchise of the people follows the judicial and legal procedures.

Features of Democracy in USA

  1. 1. Electoral Process: The electoral process in USA is regular and fair. People get equal opportunity to choose their representatives. Votes are counted in an open and transparent manner to ensure fairness.
  2. Free Media: Media in USA has the right to complete freedom and independence. This media becomes a means of expressing views through freedom and examining government actions.
  3. 3. Freedom of Thought: People have the freedom to express their thoughts and ideas freely in USA. Here people can freely raise their questions and react on government policies.
  4. Strong Constitutional System: The Constitution of USA is free and strong which protects the fundamental rights of the people. It also mandates the making and enforcement of just and equitable laws.
  5. Right to Freedom: In USA the citizens have the right to freedom. It gives them freedom in various aspects of religion, language, person, organization and media.
  6. Participation: In USA people get a chance to participate in government action. They can propose new policies and participate in universal affairs through their representatives.
  7. Independence of Judiciary: Judiciary in USA has the right to independence. It protects the judiciary from the uncertainty of evaluating government action by following the provisions of the constitution.
  8. 8. Separation of Power: The USA has a significant system of federalism, which is the separation between the national government and the state governments.

These features of democracy in USA ensure that the interests of the people are protected and the government works to meet their needs. Citizens here have the opportunity to exercise their rights.

In spite of all these positive features of democracy, USA also continuously facing various challenges which are the major road blocks in the path of successful working of democracy.

Major Challenges to Democracy in USA

  1. Financial influence: Due to huge business allure and money influence, various economic groups get a chance to gain more power. There is a danger that economic issues are given priority over the interests of the general public.
  2. Cases of adverse effect: Many a times adverse effects have been observed in USA due to anarchy, duality and discontent. This may be due to the strong influence of different groups fighting for their own interests, which can lead to increased strategicalism and isolationism.
  3. Racism and Abnormality: In the USA there is a problem of abnormality and racism among different races, religions, and social groups. It can escalate anarchy, conflict and strategic, making it imprecise in matters of equality and justice.
  4. Electoral Malpractice: The problem of electoral malpractices occurs in the USA during the election process. Here securities, domestic pressure and media influence can cause people to lose faith in a volatile and unreliable process.
  5. Decision Difficulties: The process of making major constitutional and policy decisions in the USA can be difficult. Decisions may be faced by different levels of leadership, conflict, and individual differences, so that decisions get delayed.

These challenges can affect the democracy of USA, although it is also true that USA has faced these challenges through its constitutional system and has protected the interests of the general public.


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