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Fracking Politics in USA

Fracking politics in USA

Fracking Politics in USA 

What is Fracking ?

Before knowing about fracking politics in USA one should know about Fracking. Fracking  short for hydraulic fracturing, is a method of extracting natural gas and oil from deep underground. It is the process of injecting high pressure fluid into underground rocks to create deep underground rock implantation, creating cracks or fissures in the rock. These cracks allow natural gas or oil to more easily reach the medium, where it can be stored for energy production.

The fracking process typically takes place in the following steps:

  1.  Boring: A well is bored below the land edge, usually at a depth of a few thousand feet.
  2. Horizontal boring: In some cases, the well can be bored horizontally to find the target rock, which expands the area to a greater area for fracking.
  3.  Fracturing fluid injection: A mixture of water, sand, and chemicals is pumped into the reservoir at high pressure. This fluid creates cracks in the rock, while sand keeps the cracks open, allowing gas or oil to flow more easily.
  4.  Liquid recovery: After fracking, some of the filled liquids return to the surface with natural gas or oil. This liquid, called flowback, is often collected and treated for disposal or recycling, or for reuse.
  5. Gas or oil extraction: Natural gas or oil is collected and transmitted for processing and use.

Fracking Politics in USA

The industry of fracking is widely used to extract natural gas and oil primarily from shale rocks, such as the Marcellus Shale in the United States.

This has led to increased foreign energy production and a significant economic impact in some areas. However, fracking has raised environmental concerns over potential climate change, discharge of wastewater, and emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. As a result, it has been a subject of controversy and debate in many countries. Legal practices and safety measures vary by region, and efforts are ongoing to balance energy production with environmental protection.

Fracking Politics in USA

‘Saturday Night Live’ looks at the 2020 election

The long-running comedy show, ‘Saturday Night Live’, has always been known for its hit and miss shows, and betting on its 2020 election campaign was no particular failure. Amidst many of the opportunistic comedy glitches, the show managed to hit a few pointed moments with a bit of political satire. Specifically, Maya Rudolph, playing Kamala Harris, says, “Joe Biden does hydraulic fracturing in his free time,” in a parody of the vice-presidential debate in which Biden implored a ban on hydraulic fracturing. Harris continues, “While I personally wanted to ban hydraulic fracturing, now that I know Pennsylvania loves it, I just fall into this Joe Biden “Not banning hydraulic fracturing.”

The Pennsylvania Factor in the 2020 Elections in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is the second largest gas producing state in the United States and plays a key role in the Democratic Party’s hopes of winning the presidency. This, along with voting for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, sealed Trump’s victory in 2016. Recent polls suggest Biden is ahead in the state, but he previously showed a steady lead in the state before Hillary Clinton lost in Pennsylvania.

A significant issue in Pennsylvania is hydraulic fracturing or fracking. A survey conducted in the summer showed that opinions on this were equal, but there was no support for shutting down the shale gas industry.

The threat of doing so could have been a risk for Biden, pushing him toward defeat. Biden had previously sent signals of his support for hydraulic fracturing, but recently he very clearly stated his position on it. “I am not banning hydraulic fracturing with no end in sight, no matter how many times Donald Trump lies to me about it,” he said in August in Pittsburgh. Trump reiterated her attacks at a rally outside Pittsburgh. “Joe Biden has repeatedly called for an end to hydraulic fracturing,” Trump said. “He’s a liar, okay? He’s a liar.”

Fracking Politics between Joe Biden and Donald Trump 

Typically, the President of the United States does not have the power to ban hydraulic fracturing, and passing a ban into law may be difficult through Congress due to opposition from senators and representatives from oil and gas producing states. However, the fracking scandal symbolizes a real divide between Biden and Trump regarding the environment and the energy crisis.

Trump’s approach is toward deregulation of the oil, gas, and coal industries and has repeatedly courted controversy, but mostly lets market forces do the work. Biden wants to use the power of coalition government to lead the decarbonization of the energy system, including a goal of an emissions-free power sector by 2035.

Climate change and energy according to public opinion

According to polls conducted by Yale and George Mason universities, 63% of the American public is concerned about global warming, and 52% say it should be a higher priority for the next President and Congress, leading to 22% who say no. Says it should be a lower priority. According to a survey last year, about 46% of respondents supported banning fracking, while about 33% would oppose. However, if you ask people different questions about the impacts of hydraulic fracturing, you may get very different answers.

The American Petroleum Institute, an industry group, recently published a set of surveys from Pennsylvania and 11 other battleground states that asked questions about the contribution of oil and gas. Among people in those states, 74% agreed that it is very important for the United States to generate enough energy to not be dependent on other countries for oil, and 71% said that it is very important for the United States to produce energy and gasoline. It is very important to keep it appropriate.

All too often we want contradictory things.

It’s no surprise that many Americans want to ban hydraulic fracturing, but most of them support the production, jobs, and energy prices that have made it possible. In his climate and energy plan, Biden is trying to resolve this paradoxical dilemma. His lack of support for a ban on hydraulic fracturing indicates that he is not launching a direct attack on oil and gas production, but he is proposing a range of measures, including mobilization over time.

  Efforts can be made to reduce oil and gas production.

However, even English energy industry bullies have registered their likelihood of supporting a ban on fracking. In a November 2020 distinguished speech, Winston Cook, business chief executive and leader at Exxon, Hancock, while discussing his contributions to America’s industry.

This is all about the fracking politics of USA particularly between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

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