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Facts about Jagannath Temple Puri, Odisha, is a place full of fascinating and unexplainable phenomena that leave people in awe. Here are ten incredible facts about the temple that defy scientific understanding:

  1. Anti-wind flag of Jagannath Temple: The flag on top of the temple moves in the opposite direction of the wind. Nobody knows why this happens.
  2. Visible chakra: There is a large Sudarshan Chakra on the temple’s pinnacle, and no matter where you are in Puri, you can always see it. It appears to face you, no matter where you stand.
  3. No birds fly over the temple nor even planes: Birds and planes don’t fly over the temple. It’s not because of any human rules but is believed to be due to some divine power.
  4. No shadow: The temple doesn’t cast a shadow at any time of the day, even when the sun is directly above it. It’s a mystery why this happens.
  5. Sound shield: Outside the temple, you can hear the sound of ocean waves. But once you enter, the sound mysteriously disappears. Inside the temple, it’s quiet and peaceful.
  6. Opposite of wind direction: In the coastal town of Puri, something unusual happens with the wind. Unlike most coastal areas where the wind blows from the land towards the sea during the daytime, Puri experiences the opposite. The winds mysteriously blow from the sea towards the inland, defying the expected pattern. The reason behind this unique phenomenon remains unknown, leaving it shrouded in mystery and captivating the curiosity of visitors and locals alike.
  7. Flag to change every day: For around 1,800 years, a priest has climbed the tall temple every day to change the flag. If the flag is not changed on any day, the temple has to be closed for the next 18 years.
  8. Idol Made of wood: The idol of Lord Jagannath in the temple is made of wood, unlike other statues made of stone or metal. It is believed to naturally disintegrate after around 12 or 19 years and is then replaced with a new one.
  9.  Unlimited prasada: The temple cooks a fixed amount of prasadam (sacred food also known as Avada in odia) every day, regardless of the number of visitors. Surprisingly, the prasada never goes to waste or runs out, as if it’s blessed by Lord Jagannath.
  10. Cooking Process is Magical: The prasada is cooked using a unique technique. Seven pots are stacked on top of each other, and the food in the top pot cooks first, followed by the lower pots.

These incredible aspects of the Jagannath Temple create a sense of wonder and attract people from all over the world. While there may not be scientific explanations for these phenomena, they hold deep religious and cultural significance, adding to the temple’s mystical charm.



Information About Puri Jagannath Temple-

-The word Jagannath means lord of whole universe.

-The Jagannath Temple, Puri is known as Jagannath dham and also is one of the original chardham site for hindus

– Lord Jagannath is an  avatar of Lord Vishnu and known as god of Kaliyug.

-The famous Jagannath temple puri built by Ananta Varman Chodagang Deva who is one of the famous king of Ganga Dynasty.

-Jagannath temple is the first hindu temple where idols are made by wood not by stone or other metals.

-The biggest festival of Odisha is Rathyatra where lord jagannath lord Balavadra and -Puri Jagannath temple timing is from 6 am to 9 pm.

-Only Hindus are allowed into the temple. Non-Hindus or foreigners are not allowed to enter inside the temple.

-Jagannath temple height is -65 meters or 214 feet.

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